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                                           About Delderfield  -  Quality & Service

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Quality and service has always been very important to us, so our first priority was for our buildings to be constructed by top quality builders.  We chose the best (we believe) builder in the district.  In fact Hedger Constructions have won prestigious HIA and MBAV awards for 15 years running.

The suites have been built with the best quality building products and fitted with quality, comfort and luxurious furniture.

We follow the quality theme right through what we do by always buying the best possible goods.



Your enjoyment and relaxation is paramount to us.  Our attention to detail makes Delderfield what it is, so if there is something you need, we are happy to assist.



Our sustainability will be an ongoing journey which should improve with time and experience.  In order to achieve this we pledge the following:

  • To think before we buy we buy locally and order in bulk whenever possible.  We re-use or recycle before buying new.

  • To think before we use by efficient use of energy, water, office products, fuel and other resources we ensure our business reduces the environmental impact.

  • To think before we discard we recycle and compost as much as possible.

  • To educate and grow happy, well  informed people are a crucial asset to our business success and the guest experience.  Our business will train and inform our people so that they can actively participate in helping our environmental sustainability.

We hope you leave Delderfield at Marysville knowing that your actions have helped us to maintain or enhance this lovely and picturesque region.


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